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THE GAME - Barcelona World Race 2014 - 2015 is over, thank you all for participating. Stay tuned for more news.

POI - Points of interest

As you know by now, The Game is much more than just a game. The Barcelona World Race is also much more than a race: it's also an ideal visibility platform for the Fundación Navegación Oceánica Barcelona (FNOB) projects, built around four key areas: R+D, Education and Knowledge, Science and Technology and the Environment. The FNOB is a socially conscious organisation and fosters the concept of sustainable management, with a commitment to protecting the environment. The FNOB works with universities, institutions, the worlds of science and business and with local citizens to benefit the city of Barcelona, its surroundings, the sport of sailing and the planet as a whole.

For the latest edition of the race, The Game has brought in 'POI's (points of interest). That means, that if you like, you can make even more of your gaming experience by learning as you play. The POIs will cover lots of different subjects related to ocean sailing; from meteorology and oceanography, to health and nutrition, for example. The Game has now become a portal to knowledge about the sea and ocean sailing.

Barcelona World Race

The POIs are geolocated points with files featuring facts, learning points and scientific content. These have text or visual content (photos or videos), which offer the possibility to access further information via links to specific sections of the Barcelona World Race website . Other POIs will offer access to even more interesting visual content provided by the Barcelona World Race teams. To top it off you'll also have POIs with data from some ARGO floats that are active across the planet, which could tell you, for example, the temperature of the water in the South Pacific Ocean.

The POIs for The Game 2014/15 are categorised as follows:

  • Videos from the real Barcelona World Race boats
  • Data from some of the world's active ARGO floats, with data on temperature and sea salinity levels. (What are ARGO floats? We'll tell you here)
  • Files from the Barcelona World Race educational programme for schools.
  • Files from the Barcelona World Race Ocean Campus university programme, with five courses on offer: Meteorology in a round the world race; Health in ocean sailing; Chronobiology and round the world sailing; Food and nutrition for the Barcelona World Race and Basic oceanography for the planet. (The courses offer certification from the University of Barcelona! Read more about the virtual campus here)
  • Files on species in the process of becoming extinct and protected areas of the planet.

As you play The Game, you'll be able to activate and deactivate the POI categories as you wish, so if you want you can concentrate more on the game itself, or perhaps you'd like to let your mind wander and learn all about the exciting areas of knowledge connected to a round the world race, you can!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

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